Mom known to some in Okhla loses 26-yr-old doctor son to Covid within hours of testing positive

Mom known to many in Okhla loses 26-yr-old doctor son to Covid within hours of testing positive

In the world of WhatsApp and social media news reaches fast. And when the news of death of 26-yr-old  Dr Anas Mujahid from Covid complications within hours of testing positive landed in many Okhla residents’ smartphones and inbox they were left devastated.


The death became talk of the social circle among women specially, who knew Mujahid’s mother Nasima Flahi, a JIH member, for years. It was unbelievable to know about it, said a resident. A visit to Mujahid twitter handle showed that a #NewProfilePic was updated on May 8 at 1:37 am.

Dr Mujahid, working at Guru Tegh Bahadur (GTB) Hospital, was on duty till Saturday afternoon and got tested for the virus at 8 pm. He died around 3 am (May 9), reported India Today.

Several national dailies ran a story of his death. When the OT reached the family on phone, Mujahid’s sister Kubra Mujahid shared the unfortunate news with chocked voice.

It was an Okhla resident who in the morning shared the news of the death of the young doctor and informed the OT that many national dailies have carried his report. Though Mujahid’s family never lived in Okhla but his mother was in touch with many local residents as she was rukun of JIH, said a resident, who said he knew the family.

After finishing his internship after MBBS in January, Dr Anas Mujahid, 26, was working at the Guru Tegh Bahadur (GTB) Hospital, according to media reports.

A resident of North-East Delhi’s Bhagirathi Vihar, the doctor was on duty at the Ob-Gyn ward till Saturday afternoon and he got tested for the virus at 8 pm, as per an Indian Express report, and died due to intracranial bleeding around 3 am on Sunday.

He had no co-morbidities, the report added.

Dr Anas Mujahid’s batchmate and colleague Amir Sohail told Hindustan Times that the two visited his home for iftar on Saturday evening. He said while returning to the hotel, provided to all the doctors, Mujahid said he was feverish. “He decided to take a rapid antigen test at the fever clinic of the GTB hospital before going to the hotel. He tested positive for Covid-19,” Dr Sohail said.

Dr Sohial said they were sitting in the clinic when Dr Mujahid suddenly collapsed. “We rushed him to the casualty ward. He was not responding well. The doctors sent him for a CT-scan. The report revealed a massive bleeding spot in the brain. He was immediately transferred to the neurological department, where he died,” he said.

Sohail told HT that Dr Mujahid had not taken the vaccine shots.

“We could not believe what Anas’ friend was saying as he was with us till a few hours ago. My parents and my brother immediately rushed to the hospital. Within hours, he left us. Our family is in shock,” Dr Mujahid’s brother Mauz said.

Confirming about Mujahid’s death, AK Jain, dean of UCMS at GTB Hospital, said: “I am yet to go through his medical reports. It’s really unfortunate that he is not with us anymore.” This was reported by the HT.

Dr Satendra Singh of GTB Hospital told the daily, “It’s a rare case of sudden progression [of Covid-19] and it’s alarming. Generally, we have seen cases of blood clots and internal bleeding in patients with severe Covid symptoms. However, according to his friends, he was fine till Saturday.”