All Delhi State university examinations stand cancelled

All Delhi State university examinations stand cancelled

Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi  Manish Sisodia, announced Delhi Govt’s decision to cancel all upcoming examinations (including semester and final year exams) at Delhi State Universities.


Addressing a digital press conference here on Saturday, Sisodia said: “Online classes are being streamed. But the absence of regular physical classes, lab classes, practicals, and field research has hampered with the learning of the students. It would be unfair and difficult to hold examinations for the semester for which teaching-learning was hampered.”

He said the Delhi Government is of the view that in such a scenario where the teaching-learning from the syllabus of a particular semester was hampered due to the lockdown, it would be difficult to conduct examinations for that semester.

Highlighting the Delhi Govt’s decision to take extraordinary measures in these extraordinary times, the Education Minister of Delhi said: “July is the most important month for examinations and evaluation at universities. Delhi Govt believes that in these extraordinary times, we need to make extraordinary decisions. That is why the Delhi Govt has decided that all upcoming examinations in the Delhi State Universities should be cancelled. This includes all semester and final year examinations. All upcoming examinations for students of first year, second year and third year stand cancelled.”

“It is unfair to conduct examinations for students amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has already hampered their learning in the absence of regular classes, practicals, and lab work. It is also unfair to withhold their degrees now without which they cannot start with their professional journey,” he said.

Delhi State Universities have also been directed to evaluate the students on the basis of already conducted exams from previous semesters, internal assessments and also come up with other progressive ways to promote the students. “The ones who were appearing for semester examinations should be promoted to next semester on the basis of internal assessment and performance in mid term exams. And the final semester/year students should also be evaluated on the previous semesters, performance in internal assessments and should be awarded degrees,” he said.

“Exams cannot be conducted due to the fear of the spread of COVID 19. And awarding degrees to students is very important because they have studied for three or four years, now they want to get their degrees and start working. A lot of people might have even secured jobs and cracked interviews for companies. Let them march ahead in their professional journey and contribute to the economy,” said Sisodia.

“I hope this decision will bring relief to lakhs of students studying in Delhi State universities,” he added. This decision is for all state universities that come under the Delhi Govt.

The universities have been asked to come up with a set of parameters for evaluation on the basis of the students’ past performance and promote or award them degrees.