Students from Delhi govt schools done wonders by achieving 98% passing percentage: Kejriwal

Students from Delhi government schools done wonders by achieving 98% passing percentage: Kejriwal

CM Arvind Kejriwal and Dy CM and Minister of Education Manish Sisodia congratulated the Delhi government school students, teachers, and parents for achieving 98% passing percentage in CBSE class 12th examinations.


Kejriwal said Delhi’s model of education has made history with 98 percent of children in state government schools passing in Class 12 exams and no other state has achieved such great results in the last 70 years. He also said the excellent results of the Delhi govt schools have proved that intelligence cannot be measured by financial status and that the Delhi govt schools are capable of bright future as against a time when they were looked down upon.  Kejriwal and Sisodia also assured full support in terms of extra classes and other facilities to students who could not pass the examination.

Addressing a digital press briefing on Tuesday, Kejriwal said: “This year, Delhi has achieved 98% in class 12 CBSE results. I think no government schools in any state have achieved such a great result in the last 70 years. The private schools have achieved 92.2% results, and government schools have received 97.92%, which is the highest among the government schools in the entire country. Examinations were conducted in a total of 916 schools of the Delhi govt, out of which 396 schools have received 100% results. Since the AAP govt has been formed, the results have been consistently improving since 2016. The result achieved in 2016 was 88.9%, they were 90% in 2018, 94% in 2019, and 98% results have been achieved this year.”

Kejriwal said the government schools in Delhi were considered substandard and were looked down upon at one point. He said: “At one point, the students studying in government schools were considered incompetent. Today, government school students have proved that they are no less than anybody else. They have proved that they are no less in intelligence and that intelligence of a person cannot be measured by money he/she has. I have heard a lot of people saying that a poor family does not want their child to study. Rather than studying, a poor man wants his children to be employed and earn money for the family. These results have proved this wrong, and that a poor man wants his child to study and have a bright future. These results have proved that because the condition of the government schools was bad, poor families did not use to send their children to schools. But when the conditions of the schools improve, a poor family wants to invest time and money in the education of their child. There was a time when it was believed that government school teachers do not teach. They do anything but go to their classes to teach. They have proved that they are no less than private school teachers.”

Kejriwal said the changed political scenario of Delhi has brought a change in Delhi’s education system. “If the students, teachers, and principals are the same, how did it bring about a revolution in the education system? It is because the politics of Delhi changed, it is you, the people, who voted for an honest government in Delhi. The AAP government believes that if we want to strengthen the future of the country, we have to invest the maximum in its education. All of what is changing is not because of us, it is because of the teachers, students, and parents. We have just changed the atmosphere, and we have given facilities where students can study and be taught, and the teachers can teach,” he added.

Kejriwal said: “If out of two kids at home, one is smart and the other is weak, parents tend to pay more attention to the child who is weak in studies. I want to tell the 2% of children who have either failed or have got compartment, please do not be disheartened. We are with you. We will conduct extra classes for you, and I am sure that this 98% passing result will turn into 100% after we obtain the results of the compartment. The Delhi government is with you.”

The CM said there is no competition between private and government schools. “It just shows that up until yesterday, the government schools in Delhi were considered inferior and were looked down upon. People wanted to send their children to private schools if they had money. But today, the results have overturned such inferior feelings for the government schools. Today, the students studying in government schools are feeling much more confident, and studying in government schools is considered a matter of pride. I have seen many students studying in government schools with exceptional English speaking skills. Today, Delhi government school students are getting admissions in IITs and medical and law colleges. Delhi govt school students are coming in the mainstream. I want to congratulate all the students and I hope that you all have a very bright future.”

Sisodia thanked Kejriwal for his guidance for the hard work and efforts of the schools. “Our Delhi Govt. schools have secured 98% pass percentage in Class XII Board exams this year. When we started in the year 2015, at that time we used to get 80%, 85%, 86% results, and then we used to think if we’d be able to cross the 90% mark ever. But we managed to secure 90%, 94%, and 98% this year, and like CM said, if students put in more effort, we would soon reach 100% results.”

Sisodia said the most important point is that those students who have passed are first-generation students who are the first in their families to be admitted to schools and to have passed high school or class 12. They hail from Bihar, UP, MP, and Chattisgarh and are settled here in Delhi. “These people are here to get a source of income, they are daily wage workers and perform menial jobs to make their ends meet. In their homes, it is a big deal for their kids to study and pass with good marks. There used to be schools with only 40- 50% pass percentage, and a large number of schools had pass percentages well below 60-70%. But this time. Out of 916 Delhi govt schools, 897 schools have achieved 90% and above pass percentage. And 396 schools have recorded 100% pass percentage this year as opposed to 203 schools recording 100% pass percentage last year,” added the Dy CM.

Sisodia said the results of the Delhi Govt schools are very encouraging for Delhi. “It is not only the pass percentage that is improving, but the marks scored at exams by students are also crucial and are constantly improving. That is determined by the Quality Index(QI) which reflects the performance of our students by checking and comparing the aggregate marks scored by them. The Average QI went up to 341.79 this year from 306 QI recorded last year and 291 recorded in the year 2018,” he said.

Sisodia said: “The 21 Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalayas of the Delhi Govt. has performed the best in the country with outstanding results at 99.92% which is a record in itself. We had started five Schools of Excellence in Delhi, three of them have a 100% pass percentage while the other two have only one student each failing at the Boards this year. This is also a good model in itself. There was a general perception that the quality of teaching is not up to the mark in evening classes. Last year, evening classes recorded a 90% pass percentage, and this year it’s a whopping 96.53% pass percentage. The results have improved to a great extent. With the guidance of Kejriwal and the support of our teachers and officers of the DoE, we will surely achieve a 100% passing percentage very soon in Delhi Govt. schools. And our students will achieve success and bring us recognition from all over the world.”