How many bodies being buried in Shaheen Bagh graveyard daily? Gravedigger opens up

How many bodies being buried in Shaheen Bagh graveyard daily? Gravedigger opens up

With Delhi recording its highest single-day spike with 28,395 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday and 277 coronavirus-related deaths many residents are concerned about Okhlaiites getting infected with the virus.

Though exact number of people who tested Covid positive or died of the disease in Okhla is not known, residents have been continuously posting and sharing information in the virtual world about the need for oxygen or plasma for their near and dear one.

Residents said since Wednesday’s morning they saw five bodies being taken to Shaheen Bagh graveyard. However, it is not know how many among them died of Covid-19.

An e-rickshaw driver said in the last few days he has seen many bodies being taken to graveyards in Shaheen Bagh and Batla House. When asked, he was unable to give exact number.

A resident said a gravedigger at Shaheen Bagh graveyard told him that till 11:30 am on Wednesday, five bodies were buried and three graveyards are being dug.

He said he has no idea how many more bodies will come but it is more than the normal days.

On Monday, 12 bodies were received in the graveyard, 8 on Tuesday and today 5 have come till 11:30 am and three more graveyards being dug, said Md Illyas who was sitting at the gate of the Shaheen Bagh graveyard.

However, it is important to note that among the 28 bodies which came for burial in the Shaheen Bagh graveyard in the last three days how many residents died of Covid-19 is not known.

Residents said many bodies are being taken back home. The OT had reported a few days ago about the death of one Jung of heart attack at Okhla Head and his body was taken back to his hometown UP.

There are two graveyards in Jamia Nagar: One in Batla House and the other one in Shaheen Bagh.