Stay cautious of Covid-19, situation in Delhi under control: Jain

Stay cautious of Covid-19, situation in Delhi under control: Jain

Minister of Health and Family Welfare Satyendar Jain today undertook a press conference to update the daily Delhi Health Bulletin in which he addressed COVID-19 updates, the positivity rate of Delhi concerning other states as well.

He said that Delhi’s positivity rate is 0.6 per cent which was the lowest compared to states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab, MP and Haryana.

The Minister also said that Delhi’s testing capacity is 5 times that of the national average and that the Delhi government was very careful and aware.

“Delhi is well within the safe arena. He reinforced that everyone should continue to wear a mask and follow proper social distancing,” he said.

Delhi Health Minister said there were 536 positive cases in Delhi yesterday. The positivity rate was at 0.66%.

He said: “The positivity rate is between 0.6-0.8% and since the past 2 months, it is under 1%. For the past 5 months, it has been under 5%. Today, Delhi has a positivity rate of only 0.6% while Maharashtra has a positivity rate of 19.32%, M.P has 4.89%, Punjab has 4.96%, while Kerala saw a positivity rate of 3.49%, Gujarat saw a rate of 1.92% and Haryana was at 2.88%. When compared to all, Delhi has the lowest positivity rate.

“The situation in Delhi is well within control as compared to other states. But I will still emphasize staying cautious of the coronavirus.”
Responding to queries surrounding the surge in infection given the upcoming festive season, the Minister said: “The benchmark set by WHO is 1%, 5% and above 5%. Right now the positivity rate is below 1% and the fluctuation of the positivity rate is normal, as the coronavirus has not completely cured.”

Jain said: “The testing capacity in Delhi has been increased to 80,000 per day, which is the highest in the country. We are testing at a capacity that is 5 times that of the national average which is why we can identify and effectively treat the active cases.”

Talking about the monitoring of the people for the coronavirus, Jain said: “We are effectively monitoring people that are coming to Delhi from various states. Strict instructions have been issued to adhere to corona protocols. Ahead of the festive season, people get relaxed, and it is my humble request to all to not defy the precautions to be taken. It is our humble appeal to all Delhiites to maintain social distancing.”