Okhla man shares Covid-19 experience from hospital bed

Okhla man shares Covid-19 experience from hospital bed

As Covid wave surges with 24,000 cases registered in the last 24 hours in Delhi on Saturday, many stories of people battling the infection is surfacing from Okhla as well.

But, journalist Mohammad Waqas, who was hospitalised with his mother, in Holy Family Hospital after being tested Covid positive a few days ago, shares his experience from the hospital bed through WhatsApp.

“Now we are doing better. Amma is also showing good signs. But it is very scary. You find difficulty in breathing. You are put on oxygen. It is generally when Covid pneumonia happens. If case worsens ventilator support is needed. But we were lucky. Thanks to friends, relatives for their duas… We seem to be on recovery path. Now not on oxygen as was on it for almost two-and-a-half day,” he said.

The journalist’s wife, who was first tested Covid positive, has now recovered from the infection. The other family members in her house are fine, said the journalist’s relative. The journalist’s two other close relatives had also tested positive but they too have fully recovered.

The family of five fought back the disease.

There are others too in Okhla who have been tested positive with one resident begging to upload this message: “I am Zubair Shamsi and I need 2 plasma donors on urgent basis as I am not in good condition. My blood group is B positive. Please circulate this so that interested person can call on 9650290826.”

Jamia Millia Islamia alumnus Nasir Sultan Qazi, who is based in Darayaganj, said he has now recovered from Covid-19 but two people in extended families are still battling the infection.

(This story was written on Tuesday when Waqas was in the hospital. Now he has recovered from the disease and returned to his house whereas his mother is still in the ICU.)