Beat coronavirus by wearing masks while going out, follow social distancing: Kejriwal

Beat coronavirus by wearing masks while going out, follow social distancing: Kejriwal

With an objective to decrease the spread of corona in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is directly appealing to the people of Delhi to wear masks and follow social distancing through calls and other modes of communication.

CM’s calls will be received by one crore people of Delhi.

He will also be reaching out to the people on how to avoid Corona and take precautions through mediums such as radio, TV, outdoor hoardings, digital communication mediums.

“The corona situation in Delhi is under control but the corona cases have increased in the last few days with the doubling of testing and negligence of some people, after which the CM decided to directly deliver his message to the public. The two crore people from Delhi have come together to set up the Delhi model in the fight against corona, which is being discussed all over the world,” it said.

Kejriwal wants Delhi to remain an ideal model to fight the corona pandemic, and there should be no complacency or negligence. Owing to this, an awareness campaign to establish a direct dialogue has been launched.

Kejriwal said that some people have become careless about COVID-19. They are not wearing masks while exiting their houses, not following social distancing, and are not even getting tested for COVID-19, while the Delhi government is making the tests free.

Kejriwal appealed to the people of Delhi to take an oath to wear masks whenever they step out of their houses and follow social distancing.

Kejriwal’s appeal is being broadcasted through phone, radio and other mediums to make the people of Delhi aware of the prevention of corona infection.

In his message, Kejriwal said that all Delhiites have been able to control corona with great struggle and efforts. He said: “Now, we don’t have to be complacent and let it spread further under any circumstances. For the last few days, some people have become a little careless. They have stopped wearing masks or following social distancing.”

“I am your brother, your son, you have treated me as a part of your family. I don’t want anyone in my family to fall ill. It is a very serious disease. So, I am asking you today to swear that whenever you get out of the house, you will wear a mask and follow social distancing,” he added.

Kejriwal further said some people are not even getting themselves tested nowadays. He said: “I got a call from someone for some work. While talking, he told me that he had a fever for a few days. When I asked him about whether he got tested, he denied and said he will be fine soon because nowadays, everyone is recovering from corona just like that.

“I was amazed. You know, this way, he is risking his life and will also risk his surroundings and his family people. What is the problem of getting yourself tested? The Delhi government has made the test free. In Delhi, tests are being conducted at various places. So why not get yourself tested? If you have any symptoms or you come in contact with someone who was infected, you should immediately get a test done without delay. I pray to God that you and your family remain healthy and happy.”