Help these construction workers get registered to avail benefits as registration drive begins

Registration drive for construction workers begins, help them get registered to avail benefits

Deputy Chief Minister and Labour Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday announced the mega registration drive for construction workers to help them avail different government benefits. He said that there are 10 lakh construction workers in Delhi out of which 1.31 lakh workers are registered with Delhi Building and Other Construction workers Welfare Board. Around 80,000 workers are in the process of getting registered. Through the mega registration drive, over 8 lakh more workers will be duly registered.

Highlighting the role of construction workers, Sisodia said: “Construction workers are the backbone of nation as they provide strength to nation’s development. They are responsible for building our houses, our cities. Hence, Delhi government is committed to ensure their dignity and uplift.”

He shared that Delhi government is launching the mega registration drive so that the construction workers can avail different benefits of schemes of Delhi Government related to education, pension, maternity, marriage and others.

Sisodia mentioned that registration camps will be organized at 45 sites across Delhi, which includes 29 government schools and 16 major construction sites. Mobile units would be deployed in the districts to travel between different construction sites and register construction workers at the construction site itself so that workers don’t have to forego their daily wage.

Delhi has 262 major labour chowks where workers assemble in search of work. Sisodia said that massive awareness campaign is being launched at all ‘labour chowks’ with hoardings, posters and handbills distribution to encourage more and more construction workers to register at registration camps in their nearby locations. There are many workers whose registration has lapsed, and they have been duly informed about renewing their membership. He said that registration camps will operate from 22nd February to 22nd March, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Construction workers can visit registration camps for new registration, renewals, and verification process of registration.

Sisodia appealed to the residents of Delhi to assist the construction workers and spread awareness about the mega registration drive so that maximum workers can avail benefits. Construction workers can also get them registered using Delhi government’s doorstep delivery service. They need to call 1076 and the concerned personnel from Labour department will reach their homes to register them.

Under different schemes of Delhi government, workers can get Rs 3-5 lakh for construction of house, Rs 30,000 under maternity benefit scheme, Rs 20,000 as loan for the purchase of work related tools and Rs 5,000 as grant for the purchase of work related tools. Other than this, workers’ family get assistance of Rs 1 lakh in case of natural death and Rs 2 lakh in case of death due to accident. They may also avail Rs 1 lakh in case of permanent total disability and a disability pension of Rs 3,000 per month. Under education schemes, they can avail benefits between Rs 500 to Rs 10,000 per month for the school education and higher education of their children. In other schemes, the workers can get Rs 35,000- 51,000 as financial assistance for marriage, and Rs 3,000 per month as pension benefit.

Under these schemes, Delhi government has distributed cheques worth Rs 3.18 crore to 488 construction workers this month. Also, Delhi government has provided Rs 10,000 to 1139 workers during the pandemic.