Covid-19 sees spike in tender coconut price in Okhla

Covid-19 sees spike in tender coconut price in Okhla

Since two members of his family tested positive for coronavirus, Ahmed has been visiting nearby fruit shop in Jamia Nagar to buy coconut water which he think is good for keeping the patients hydrated.

He is not the only one to do so as there are many in the locality clearing coconut water off the shelves amid coronavirus concerns.

Following which they said the price too has gone up from Rs 50 a few days ago to Rs 80 now.

Today when I visited nearby shop to purchase coconut water the shopkeeper asked me to pay Rs 80 per piece to my surprise, said another resident, adding that as he had no other option left he bought it.

When asked about coconut water fight against coronavirus, Ahmed said he too has no idea about it but as many people have suggested he has just started drinking it regularly so as to keep healthy.

A shopkeeper said as they bring fruits, including coconut water, from mandis they don’t have control over prices.

Another resident, who recovered from Covid a few days ago, told the OT over phone that she too had coconut water daily to keep her hydrated.

For many it is one of the best drinks to fight the summer heat as it provides instant energy and helps maintain the electrolyte balance in the body.

Coconut water has natural enzymes and minerals like potassium that make it a super healthy drink, according to a report by TOI.