Watch: Jamia Nagar residents rescue a stray calf that fell into nallah

Residents rescue a stray calf that fell into a nallah, and was separated from its family, in Abul Fazal Enclave. After being rescued, the calf rushes to its mother.

Residents said they rushed to rescue the calf as it started crying with the mother also making loud sound, looking for the baby. As one resident was trying to extricate the calf from the nallah nearby Al-Shifa Hospital, two more residents joined in. The rescue operation went on 3 minutes and the calf was rescued and united with its mother.

Many cows visit the open garbage dump in front of Al Shifa hospital and at times they stay at the nallah, said residents.

A resident said these stray cows are left here every day by their owners (who do milk business) from Jasola village to feast on waste dumped in the open and after sunset they go back to their khatals.

This is not the first time that cows have been rescued by Jamia Nagar residents as they do it from time to time, said one resident Anwar. He said many a time they have seen these animals grazing at the corner road fell in the nallah.