A roaring business ruined in Jamia Nagar: Know how it all happened in very short period of time

A roaring business ruined in Jamia Nagar: Know how it all happened in very short period of time

Rags-to-riches stories are well known. But riches to rags stories are rare. This story is of a small time vegetable seller in Okhla’s Jamia Nagar, who started his business by taking a small loan.

As his was the only vegetable shop in the locality (Abul Fazal Enclave) years ago, his business started growing and within years he amassed good money. He bought land, a van and got his sons married.

Over a period of time as his business grew, he became arrogant, said his neighbours. Also, his bonding with customers that earlier was his USP started getting feeble, they pointed out, adding that despite this fact, captive customers continue to flock his shop to by vegetables for daily need as there was nobody else around.

Everything was going on smoothly until one day when the family landed in jail on alleged killing of daughter-in-law over dowry, they said. For days the shop was closed as the father and other brothers who were accused in the case fled the locality playing hide and seek with police, recalled residents.

During all these days a new shop that had come up a few months ago just in front of the old one became the hotspot. With the father and brothers embroiled in the case the selling in the shop started decreasing with customers moving to the new shop.

Within days situation went from bad to worse with the accused shopkeeper unable to even pay rent on time to the landowner. Slowly the money that was earned started being spent on the case and the release of other family members.

Despite all efforts, the family was unable to overcome the blow and now report has surfaced that the shop has been closed permanently, said a resident, who was a regular at his shop years ago. The rival shopkeeper, who is happy with the turn of event and with ouster of his rival permanently, said the family has now moved to Jaitpur.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Be honest and don’t let success go over your head. This incident happened years ago.