Sky in Okhla becomes a death trap to birds

Sky in Okhla becomes a death trap to birds

Calls for bird rescue have increased these days, according to a bird rescuer. He said he gets calls about birds, including eagle, pigeon and other local birds, getting injured. Most of these cases happen due to kite-flying as the season has begun in Jamia Nagar, said bird watchers.

Syed Md Kazim, a school teacher at Jamia Millia Islamia, said he regularly sees many birds sitting idle in the field for days after they get hurt. Initially many residents couldn’t understand how the birds were getting their wings injured it was only later on close watch it was found that most of the cases were happening due to kite strings.

Kazim has spotted several birds and tried his best to get them rescued after calling local bird rescuers.

Okhla bird rescuer Shiraz Hussain said he keeps on getting calls to rescue injured birds and he has obliged people concerned about birds’ safety.

After rescuing them, he takes the birds to hospital in Old Delhi where the birds get treatment and later on they are released in the wild.