As beggar menace plagues Okhla locals unable to differentiate between professionals, needy

Beggar menace plagues Okhla

Beggars have become a nuisance in Jamia Nagar localities these days with many residents complaining that they can be spotted outside shops, eateries and will come to you urging alms to the annoyance of many.

A resident said at times they pester a lot and continue insisting on money until you don’t give them alms. These days the locality has seen rise in number of women beggars, he said.

“The other day I was at a shop and a man arrived requesting for money. I didn’t give alms but bought 2 kilogram rice for him. They are everywhere these days and surface as you visit food shop or eatery and insist for alms and will even follow you. We don’t know whether they are really in need of money or are professional beggars,” said a resident requesting anonymity.

Some residents said now they have seen a new trend with beggars having placards standing in corner of streets or outside mosques.

Another resident said many among them are healthy and should not be given alms. For many residents it is difficult to differentiate between professional and a needy person.

The resident said now many knock at your doors and when you open you see beggars, mostly women, asking for money. In some cases, the person comes with medical prescription and start narrating his or her stories, trying to impress you, he said.

Once when I tried to convince a young girl who was begging with a male counterpart to work, she got pissed off and started abusing me, said the resident.