Bakrid 2021: High price of goats pours cold water on festival celebrations

There was huge rush at Dhobi Ghat bakra mandi in Batla House a day before Eid-al-Adha 2021 with rushing to lay their hands on goats. However, to their dismay many found the prices of goats beyond their reach. Also, there were a few goats with many residents wondering where the goats have gone.

The sellers who have a few goats are asking for huge price. A resident, who visited the goat market, said: “The price is too high. After looking for a goat, I returned to try my luck later on in the day. There are a few goats in the market this time around.”

In Abul Fazal Enclave. too where there used to be makeshift goat markets there were no animal around. And a few traders were seen with some handful of goats asking a lot of money. A resident said the goat prices have gone up. “I bought a goat for Rs 13,000 three days ago and the same goat is being sold for now Rs 20,000 and more as it all depends on the  mood of the traders.”

Demand is high and supply is less, said a resident who was selling goats from his house. He said this morning he got 10 goats from Ghaziabad and all were sold within hours. Many people who buy goats on the last day due to space crunch are wondering whether they will be able to sacrifice animal this year around.

Besides, many residents were seen returning from the bakra mandi empty hand.

A resident said two days ago the price was moderate but today the situation has turned upside down and the reason could be a few goats in the markets. Now traders are taking advantage of the situation and they know that as it is the last day residents will at any cost by goats for the festival and hence they are demanding high prices, he said, adding that it all depends on the trucks landing with the animals in the market.