Education Department awards ‘Municipal Teachers Award’ to 32 teachers

Education Department awards ‘Municipal Teachers Award’ to 32 teachers

The Education Department of South Delhi Municipal Corporation today honoured 32 teachers by giving them ‘Municipal Teachers Award’ for their unique contribution to improve the level of primary education in SDMC schools.

The ceremony begins with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech which highlighted New Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Among the awarded teachers, 3 were Principals, 26 were Primary Teachers, 2 were Nursery Teachers while 1 was Special Physical Teacher who were give cash Rs 10,000, memento and certificate. Hundreds of teachers, on the occasion, joined virtually to become part of the event.

Arun Singh, who honoured the teacher by presenting the awards, praised the SDMC teachers for working tirelessly to bring changes. He said that primary education is base for every child and if a child gets good education at an early stage, he/she gets success in his life. Highlighting the NEP 2020, he said that the policy will not only boost primary education but will fulfil demand of 21st Century. It’s a talent based policy which focuses on extracurricular activities. The move to connect 6 Lakhs villages from Optical Fibre will help to achieve the goal in the Education Sector and even integration of schools at various levels will be done.

West Delhi MP Pravesh Sahib Singh Verma, on the occasion, said that Primary Education is very much important and role of teachers are also very much important. He said that he and his siblings got Primary Education in MCD School and higher Education from Delhi Government School hence he understands its importance. “SDMC schools are doing better to improve level of education at basic level and even sound infrastructure is being provided these days. In my constituency, nearly 80 schools have been built by SDMC which are best in terms of infrastructure. There is a need to highlight this so more children could come for enrolment,” he said.

Anamika said that there has always been a strong relation between Teachers and Students at every level as teachers play major role in shaping the future of students. The award ceremony is just to recognise their contribution. “There is a teacher behind every successful man and even Lord Ram got success due to his teacher. Considering the fact, the Corporation is making all efforts to improve it,” she said.

Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti, in his address, said that children are the future of the country hence SDMC is committed to make all possible efforts to provide them quality education. Despite lack of resources, SDMC is doing commendable job in this field and in past few months SDMC has got success to enrol 80,000 new students in its schools. Sh. Bharti stated during the COVID-19, more than 50 per cent children got course content online. SDMC has 140 Science Clubs in its schools while work on 60 more is on cards. More than 460 Smart Classes are in Corporation schools while work on the rest of the schools is in pipeline.

Education Committee Chairman Mukesh Suryan, while presiding over the ceremony, said that the Department has put extra effort to ensure quality education. In a span of one month, the Department has enrolled 80,000 children and have planned to add 60,000 more by the end of September. Even during COVID-19 period, the Department got success to organise Mega PTM in which 13,000 parents took part. Contract of SSA teachers has also been renewed and now focus is on online classes. It’s the Education Department of SDMC which has brought the positive change.

In an award ceremony, BJP National Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Arun Singh, West Delhi MP Pravesh Sahib Singh Verma, Mayor Anamika, Standing Committee Chairman Raj Dutt Gehlot, Leader of the House Narendra Chawla Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti, Education Committee Chairman Mukesh Suryan and concerned officials lauded the effort of teachers to improve level of education at the time when the entire country was reeling severely COVID-19.