Donation to mosque, madarsa made easy as 3 Okhla entrepreneurs launch Almspay app

Donation to mosque, madarsa made easy as 3 Okhla entrepreneurs launch Almspay app

The lockdown loss to mosques vis-à-vis donation collection forced three Okhla-based entrepreneurs in a huddle to think of finding solution to the vexing issue. And their hard work paid as they came out with Almspay app helping devotees to donate online with their mobile.


“When lockdown was imposed, people stopped visiting mosques leading to decline in revenue. We were deeply concerned and it was then that we thought why not digitize mosques and madarsas so that devotees can pay online. We came out with Almspay application and it has worked out well as till now several mosques in Okhla have registered to take alms online,” said 28-year-old lawyer turn entrepreneur Asif Iqbal.

Zakir Nagar-based Iqbal said his team including developer Md Umair, 31, and marketing head Md Owais, 30, is working hard to expand and popularise the app so that 30 per cent of money collected from the total which goes to middlemen is saved.

The Ramzaan Almspay is an attempt to bring a shift in the way we give alms, said Iqbal.

“Unlike the crowdfunding platforms, Almspay is a subscription-based model which enables 10x faster and safer collections for institutions without charging commission or platform fee,” he said.

Almspay makes donating Zakat easy and convenient for donors, he said. “To hold the trust of Muslim donors Almspay through its app wishes to eliminate middlemen who are appointed by institutions to make the collection and get a commission in return. On Almspay donors can directly donate Zakat & micro community donations and get receipts on email for Zakat. Almspay app also allows donors to track their monthly/annually contributions on the app and keep an eye on their monthly or yearly donation goals. Almspay is focused on Zakat & micro community donations,” said Iqbal.

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