AFE RWA elections 2021 (A to D block): Results announced

AFE RWA elections 2021 (A to D block): Counting going, know who is leading. Results announced.

Md Asif first number 577 votes
Ahmad Kamal 346 votes
Raisuddin 86 votes
Faheem Khan Saifi 24 votes

The Abul Fazal Enclave RWA election (A to D block) was held today with about one thousand 27 people casting their votes, according to a reliable source.

Counting to the voting started after 5 pm at 5.15, said the source, adding that right now the Md Asif group is leading with 460 votes with Kamal Faridi group holding second position at 296 and others are lagging behind.

Till the filing of the report counting for 750 people were held and it appears that the results would be announced soon, said the source.