Why is it that local politicians, activists who have done little for Okhla all these years have become hyper-active?

Why is it that politicians, activists who have done little for Okhla all these years have become hyper-active?

If you are on the social media then you get an impression that activists, politicians and representatives, lying low all these years, have gone hyper active, raising their voices, showing to stand by the poor. The virtual world is full of videos and photos of their works.

“There is nothing wrong in it. Had the representatives been so careful then Okhla would have been not what it is. Just see during election new faces surface promising to deliver. Some vanishes after losing election and those who win do little for the locality. They just raise sentimental issues and people get swayed away, said one Okhla watcher, adding that the issues which were there 15 years ago are still lingering so where is the development?

There is a rush among activists nursing political ambition, representatives and opposition of Okhla that they are the only messiah of the locality and they can only bring changes in the locality. On ground there is nothing.

It is another story that many among them, including some activists nursing political ambition, who are beating their chest and shouting their lungs out in the virtual world, doing FB live, have done nothing for this locality, said another Okhla watcher, who wants not to be named fearing vilification campaign against him in the virtual world.

“It has been noted that many self-proclaimed messiah have surfaced on the virtual world in the last few years and they are known to be close to the builder lobby. If they are raising issues it doesn’t mean that they are doing this for Okhla. They are upset as they have been denied the bread and butter. The case in point is of one such activist who after being denied the opportunity has shifted loyalty with a new group in the hope that he might get something. Had these people been well-wishers of Okhla they would have done some work for the locality,” said the watcher.

Many local analysts said it is not new for Okhla as whenever election is near many new faces and old faces surface making tall claims to vanish in the thin air after election is over or they fail to get ticket.

“If they were so much concerned about the locality: Where were they all these years? Why is that now when council election is near issues of hospitals, garbage and others burning issues are being raised.

“There is nothing wrong in raising issues but they should be raised throughout the years,” he said.

It is not only politicians who have failed the locality but also activists and NGOs are responsible as they do nothing just grab photos do FB live or get stories published in newspapers distribute them and then the issue goes under the carpet, said another Okhla watcher requesting anonymity fearing retribution in the virtual world by local facebookya gang who are ready to destroy image of others by insinuating against them.