Delhi logs 17,282 Covid positive cases

Delhi reports 17,282 cases on Wednesday, 104 deaths.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain on Wednesday said: “According to the report, India saw 1,85,000 cases, which have surpassed the last peak of 99,000. In Delhi, as well as the country, the cases are steadily increasing. The trend has not slowed down yet, as the last time, wherein the number went down with each passing day. I appeal to all, that please step out only when needed and follow all covid appropriate behaviour. Please wear a mask when stepping out.”

Responding to questions surrounding the doubling rate of cases, the Minister said: “Since the past few weeks, cases are doubling in Delhi as well as the country. The cases are 13,468. Last year in November the fatality rate was somewhere between 2-3%. It is saddening because there shouldn’t be a single fatality. However, currently, the rate is less than 0.5%.”

Jain added: “In the Delhi Govt app, the total bed count was 6000 one week ago. Now, the count is more than 13000. Orders have been given to escalate the beds. We are increasingly adding more beds. I can assure you that the number of beds in Delhi is double that of any state.”

Clarifying the queries surrounding ventilators, Jain said: “In the initial times when Covid was encountered, ventilators were considered as a primary health tool. But the truth is that a ventilator is the last resort. There are many levels before that, namely medication, home isolation, administering oxygen, HFNO, Bi-pap, etc. There are a number of ventilator beds and if there’s a patient occupying it, then it is shown as engaged in the app. But there is no shortage of ventilators.”

On being questioned about the authenticity of the data on the app, the Minister said: “A close watch on the updation of numbers is being maintained. The data is at least revised twice on a daily basis on the app. It has been observed that Lok Nayak Hospital is hospitalising 70-80 new patients daily. Rajeev Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital has also admitted 70 new patients in one night. That data, therefore, is updated the next day. I urge everyone to check the app, and contact the hospitals before rushing towards them. The contact details of each hospital is available on the app.”

“During the last peak, 4100 beds were available with the central government. Today the count is 1100. We have requested them to increase the beds and discussions are being held daily. The surge has been unprecedented, and the Delhi Government has ramped up the infrastructure in the hospitals. I’m sure they will too. They have not refused to do so, and are working towards it,” commented Jain.

Jain added: “Covid care centres of the Delhi Government has 5525 beds out of which only 286 are occupied as of yet, directly implying that less than 5% are occupied and 95% are vacant. No city has done tests as much as the Kejriwal-led government has conducted. Delhi is consistently conducting more than 1 lakh tests. Yesterday also, 1,02,000 tests were conducted. Delhi is conducting more than twice as the tests being conducted in any city. More than 1 lakh tests are being carried out from which 70% are RT-PCR tests.”

Reiterating the fact that people who have a mild infection should refrain from being hospitalised, the Minister said: “In case one catches a fever, I urge them to not panic. If one is tested positive, and has mild symptoms, they shouldn’t rush towards getting hospitalised. Till the time they are not advised by a doctor, or have severe symptoms, they should refrain from admission to the hospitals. If non-sick people occupy beds, no space will be left for the severely sick. I appeal to you all to only go to the Hospital when you feel the need.”

Responding to the query surrounding the delay in reports of testing, Jain said: “There are two kinds of testing, Rapid Antigen test, which can give results in 30 mins. If a person tests negative in this but is symptomatic, he is then recommended for an RT-PCR test. Most reports are being made available in 24 hours. In case there are any complaints, they will be resolved very soon.”

“This is a time of crisis and everyone has to come together to defeat the virus. Any unnecessary movement like going for celebrations or gatherings, must be avoided. I urge everyone to go out of their homes only when it is needed. Even if a healthy person contracts the virus, or is asymptomatic, they must not forget that they can be carriers of the virus to their families and friends, who might be highly vulnerable to the virus. Moreover, following covid appropriate behaviour is imperative to fight this virus. The most effective way to be protected from the virus is by wearing a mask. The easiest way to contain the virus from spreading is to wear a mask. Even those who have been vaccinated should wear a mask and follow precautions, and shouldn’t show any negligence in this regard.” clarified Jain on lockdown rumours.