Video: Kite threads turn death trap for this pigeon in Okhla

Video: Kite threads turn death trap for this pigeon in Okhla

A case of bird death was reported from Okhla today with a resident saying she found the bird trapped in the kite strings.


She said before she could act or move to extricate the pigeon died with the string all around her neck, hanging from a building.

This is not one-off incident as a media report pointed out that how in 2019 in Delhi, 200 birds died and 550 were injured as Chinese “manjha” ripped through them.

According to, many birds, including pigeons, parrots, myna, eagle and others, were rushed for treatment at Charity Birds Hospital in Chandni Chowk.

The cases were reported between August 13 and August 15. At least 60 birds were killed by the Chinese manjha on August 15 alone, said the report.

Looking at the deaths of birds, the Delhi Government banned the use of Chinese Manjha in 2017. In the case with Okhla incident it is not known whether the pigeon got trapped into Chinese string or local one.

It is reported that during I-Day many people fly kites unaware of the fact that at times the strings of these kites become death trap for animals.