OT Impact: Okhla-based bird rescuer Shiraz takes injured eagle to hospital (watch)

OT Impact: Okhla-based bird rescuer Shiraz takes injured eagle to hospital

A young eagle that injured its wing and front part after a fall from the sky at 10.30 am in Abul Fazal Enclave on Sunday was rescued by Okhla-based bird rescuer Shiraz Hussain at 3.05 pm from the spot after the OT informed him over phone and also posted the injured bird’s phone on its social media platforms hours ago, soliciting a few comments from local bird lovers.

A resident said he found the bird in the vacant plot in AFE surrounded by some children who were watching it in disbelief.

Another resident said he saw a man reprimanding a small boy for beating the bird with brick. “Just see this small boy is a rogue as he was beating this already injured eagle which dropped from the sky for unknown reasons,” said a passersby.

After coming to know about the incident, the OT called several animal rescuers but only after hour, the portal was successful in contacting a hospital by googling.

Then a man at the hospital gave a local contact. “We kept on ringing on that phone only to get response after half an hour. The man said at 1 pm that a local volunteer will come to pick up the bird. Later on we got a call from one person who identified himself as Shiraz Hussain. We are thankful to him that he came to the spot and took the bird to the hospital,” said the OT reporter, who was following the development.

After looking at the bird, Shiraz, who earlier used to teach fine arts at Jamia Millia Islamia as guest faculty, said the bird is alive. He immediately picked up the bird by taking all precautions.

He said he works as a volunteer for some bird hospital where he takes injured birds for treatment. When asked why he turned up so late, he showed a photo of a pigeon, saying that he was busy since morning to revive the bird which was hurt severely after getting electric shock.

The report would be incomplete without the mention of some kids who surrounded the bird and even gave it water at time to keep in alive, said one resident who was keeping a watch on the bird. He said some kids did manhandle the bird but were reprimanded on time, adding that dogs were not around otherwise they would have killed the bird.