This is how Muslim youth came to help of Noor Nagar temple

This is how Muslim youth came to help of Noor Nagar temple

Syed Fouzul Azeem’s efforts to protect a temple in Noor Nagar have yielded positive result.

According to a national media report, the High Court directed the police to ensure that a temple at Noor Nagar extension in south Delhi’s Jamia Nagar is “protected”, “maintained” and not encroached upon.

Syed Fouzul Azeem is president of 206 ward committee

Azeem (Arshi) is a resident of Noor Nagar and had moved the court for the protection of the temple. Also, he is president of 206 ward committee, whose members are from the area.

The court’s order comes on a plea by the 206 ward committee of Jamia Nagar, seeking directions to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) to stop encroachments on and demolition of the mandir and dharamshala, reported The Hindustan Time today.

In a letter dated September 11, 2021 to top police officials, in possession of the portal, Azeem wrote: “I would like draw your kind attention towards a controversial matter related to the faith of the people.

“In my residential area Noor Nagar, there is a dharamshala and mandir and people used to worship there for the last 50 years…Noor Nagar is a Muslim dominated area with 50 (fifty) non-Muslim families who used to worship in the same temple the above mentioned. It’s a Muslim area with an old temple and the land belongs to “local village society…,” he wrote.

Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva in his Friday order also asked the police to ensure that law and order in the area is maintained, reported the HT.

“Petition is accordingly disposed of, directing the respondents to ensure that there is no issue of law and order in the area and the area depicted as mandir in the layout plan is protected and maintained as a mandir and no encroachment by any miscreant is permitted on the same,” the judge said.

The petitioner had also sought directions to the Delhi Police to ensure that the temple is not encroached upon or demolished by miscreants.

It said part of the area, which was the temple’s dharamshala was “demolished overnight” and the area levelled, to allow it to be encroached upon.

The police’s lawyer assured the court that they shall ensure there is no encroachment on the said area, and that the area demarcated as a temple in the layout plan will be preserved and protected, reported the HT.

Taking note of this, the court disposed of the plea, reported the HT.

Azeem said he worked tirelessly with local residents to protect the temple which has been around for years.

The issue had grabbed attention a few days ago after photos surfaced on the social media with a netizen claiming that a temple was demolished in Noor Nagar. Following which, police also reacted to the claim and said nothing like this happened in the area.

“Local police visited the spot to verify the contents of the tweet. The property belongs to a member of the Hindu community who himself was dismantling/clearing the built up area adjacent to the temple in his own property. No harm to the temple has been caused and it is intact,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (southeast) R P Meena said in a tweet, reported the PTI.

On September 23, senior journalist Hitesh Shankar tweeted in Hindi: “तथ्य: 1) मंदिर का अर्थ केवल गर्भगृह नहीं, ऐसा परिसर देवता का स्थान होता है. 2) साम्प्रदायिक सौहार्द बिगाड़ने वालों से इतर ध्यान दें स्थानीय मुस्लिम ही मंदिर तोड़ने का विरोध कर रहे हैं. 3) पिता ने मंदिर बनवाया तो क्या पुत्र  भूमि को व्यावसायिक  उपयोग में बदल सकता है?”