Take corona vaccine, says Kejriwal after getting first dose of Covid vaccine with his parents

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today received his first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at LNJP hospital.

Along with him, his parents also got their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. He assured that he and his parents were perfectly healthy after receiving the vaccine dose, and appealed to the people to come forward and get their vaccination done.

He said as and when the Delhi government will receive further directions, it will increase the number of vaccination centres in the Capital.

After getting the vaccine shot, Kejriwal briefed the media. He said: “I, along with my parents, have received our first doses of Covid-19 vaccine today. As you all can see we are perfectly healthy and are facing no complications. We are fortunate that we now have a vaccine to tackle the Covid-19 vaccine.

“I want to appeal to everyone who is eligible to get the Covid vaccination done. The LNJP Hospital has made adequate arrangements for administering the vaccination, and the doctors and medical staff have made all proper arrangements. Everybody should get the Covid-19 vaccine, they should resolve all the doubts they had in their minds. There is nothing to fear.”

“We are constantly in touch with the Central government and we are working on their directions. As and when we receive further directions, we will increase the number of vaccination centres. I and my parents have been administered the covidshield vaccine.

“We have enough stock of the vaccine. All the doubts in the minds of the people have dispersed,” he added.

Kejriwal further said: “I have got the vaccination done and the other cabinet ministers are doing it. Eventually, other people are also coming forward and getting the vaccination done.”