Okhla’s family of 15 recovers from Covid but loses grandfather, grandmother in short span of time

Okhla’s family of 15 recovers from Covid but loses freedom fighter grandfather, grandmother in short span of time

There are many families in India who have been devastated by Covid-19. In Okhla too many people have lost their near and dear ones to the infection in the second wave, writes Riyazul Islam Hamza.


The ordeal for this Okhla-based family started in the beginning of April when Hamza’s grandmother Fatima Siddiqui in her 70s was tested Covid positive when taken to hospital, said a family member, adding that for years she was bed ridden.

The Okhla Times
Faiz-ul-Islam (photo by family member)

After days the grandfather, the guardian of the whole family, also in his 70s, tested Covid positive showing no symptoms. Gradually the infection spread to other family members, including helping staff, he said. Though, 15 people recovered with 2 still in isolation, this family lost their grandmother and grandfather in a short span of time, he said.

The Okhla Times
Faiz-ul-Islam with his son Najmul Islam (photo shared family member)

Faiz-ul-Islam has left behind 3 sons and 2 daughters and an extended family members. Badrul Islam, Najmul Islam, Dr Asimul islam (Associate Professor in Biosciences department Jamia Millia Islamia) resided in Okhla.

Hisham Qasmi, a close family relative and grandson of Qaari Tayyab of Darululoom Deoband, said: “Faiz-ul-Islam, who was born in a landlord family in Kandhla. He was a kind person who was always will to help family members. Three years ago after the death of my father, he had told me to take care of the family and over the years he stuck to his words.

“Faiz-ul-Islam was the most prominent personality of Kandhla and the guardian of all the family. He was a very pious man, a kind hearted and very humble. He carried forward his ancestors’ tradition of helping people. Faiz-ul-Islam, who was famous as Faizi and along with all his children in the family, we also called him Papa. He was very broad and progressive mind as well as trusting his old traditions and family values.”

The family has been residing at Tikona Park for the last more than 25 years, said a family member.

Hamza, who collated the information and shared it with the OT, said: “It is a tragedy within the family for all of us but especially for me and my entire family. Last week my grandmother (Fatima Siddiqui) passed away after a long illness. The loss was irreparable and the whole family was reeling under it. Meanwhile many members of the family fell sick to Covid-19 in the joint family, including my grandfather.

“Two of his sons, and their wives and some of the help staff of the family too tested Covid positive. It all happened in (April 6-8). Everybody took prescribed precautions and isolated him/herself. Grandmother’s janazah could not be attended by my grandfather Faiz-ul-Islam and also their youngest son Dr Asimul Islam as they both were in quarantine.  Then just four days later on Monday suddenly Faiz-ul-Islam started losing his oxygen levels. This was without showing any previous symptoms in the last 4 days. Badar Taya (eldest brother of my Dad) rushed him to a hospital and there Faiz-ul-Islam recovered, but on April 14, (first of Ramazan) at 7 am his oxygen rapidly dropped and within half hour he passed away.

“In six days time both the parents were gone. My Father and all his siblings and all children of the family are so much in shock so much in pain which can’t be described here. May Allah give both my grandmother and grandfather the best of places in jannah. May Allah give courage to the family to bear this irreparable loss.”

(Riyazul Islam Hamza is a grandson of Faiz-ul-Islam. Hamza was also Covid positive but he has recovered. He studies in Class XI)